Cultivate the habit of Worship and Prayer- Bishop Abraham Chigbundu

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Presiding Bishop of the Voice Freedom Ministries International- Nigeria, Dr. Abraham Chigbundu has reiterated that, the church should stop making mockery of themselves and return to the place of prayer.

Speaking at the ongoing Annual Prayer Convocation with Bishop Bernard Ogyiri-Asare in Takoradi, he noted that, the church is drifting away from its core mandates and values.

We want to be in church for one hour or maximum two hours. No time for the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do. But we go to places where people make mockery of God and we will sit there for more than one hour and laugh out loud,” he said

Bishop Abraham Chigbundu added that, Christians don’t even have time for worship these days because we want to rush back to our various homes and it is killing our spiritual connection with God.

Bishop shared that, years back when we activate worship, you will hear prophecies because you have invoked the presence but now we don’t have time to worship and the house of God is becoming a laughing stock for people to laugh at us. Cultivate the power of praying and worship.

“If you want to encounter God, you cannot encounter Him without the Holy Spirit and when you don’t have time for God, He will also have no time for you. Even in your private prayer room you can’t pray for more than five minutes. You sleep anytime, anyhow. So, if you can just pray for five minutes in your closet, then you can pray for five minutes in public,” he intimated.


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