Letter To Apostle Johnson Suleman by Pastor Eric Kallai

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Dear Apostle Johnson Suleman, it’s with gratitude to God to see your passion and all you do for the ministry. Your resilience over the years is a commendable one and I believe you are aware many of the youth aspire to follow your steps. The Lord bless you for all you do.

However, there are a few things that you need to reconsider, dear man of God. There are some underlining basic Christian doctrines that over time, you seem not to come to terms with and the ‘Pauline Theology’ is one of them. Please this is not an attempt to school you but as a fellow christian, to bring to your attention some of these issues so you reconsider your position on them because they do not agree with orthodoxy.

On your thoughts on Pauline Theology, you mentioned that you will go by what Jesus says and not that of Paul and you further emphasized your position by quoting 2 Peter 3:16 to make your case. According to you, Peter warns us against the teachings of Paul. Sir, this is not the case, I will post the verse from formal equivalence, dynamic equivalence and paraphrase translations respectively. The text reads:

As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction (KJV).

He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. (NIV)

Our good brother Paul, who was given much wisdom in these matters, refers to this in all his letters, and has written essentially the same thing. Some things Paul writes are difficult to understand. Irresponsible people who don’t know what they are talking about twist them every which way. They do it to the rest of the Scriptures, too, destroying themselves as they do it. (Message)

Apostle Suleman, clearly what the text says is different from your explanations unless you will want to bring some clarity but you have reemphasized your position.


1. Considering the texts that precede verse 16, the Apostle Peter encourages believers and warns them about scoffers who would mock them about the return of the Lord. In verse 15 he says “…Paul writes the same thing in all his letters (in other words, Paul’s says the same thing I am writing to you). And so over here Peter makes it clear that Paul preaches no different message from what they teach.

2. Peter says that the content of Paul’s letters are HARD TO UNDERSTAND. And because of this, people twist Paul’s words to their own destruction just as they twist other scriptures. One key thing that needs attention, sir is that Peter places premium of Paul’s letters in this text and treats it as having equal inspiration as other scriptures. He does not warn people against Paul’s letters in this text as you suppose.

Why Paul’s writings are Hard

This is just because of Paul’s background of education and his life experience.

1. Educated in rabbinic discipline by the notable Jewish rabbi Gamaliel, thus he was a pharisee before conversion. His training was into Jewish law and tradition. He was unlike most of the Apostles who were ‘mere’ fishermen and laymen. As a scholar you don’t expect him to write simple words. His teachings need comprehension and therefore if you do not understand what he writes, you will misconstrue him just as Peter says.

2. As a roman citizen, he was exposed to Greco-Roman philosophy and thus he was able to engage and debate heretics who were philosophers in public debates and made a case for Christ. This is the man we are talking about, Sir. God, who would use anything he wanted, at this time decided to call and use a scholar.

Are Paul’s letter just his thoughts ?

A couple of times, people have held onto the assumption that Paul’s words are just his thoughts and so there’s no need giving attention to them. If we hold on to this logic sir, I’m afraid we would have to ignore your teachings too since you are also expressing your thoughts. All Christians would have to go for only the read letter wordings of Jesus Christ. There will be no need for preaching then. They are just your words and not Christ’s.

By this stance, there’s a clear indication that there’s a lack of understanding in the Christian doctrine of inspiration. It says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…” When the Apostle mentions all scripture, that includes the New Testament. The challenge of many is that, when we say the word of God, it means God should be dictating every word. No, it simply means the things we have in the Bible today were written down because holy men were touched by God to write them down and by God’s Sovereignty, every text we have in print today is by God’s will. The term ‘Word of God’ or Scripture will then come to mean ‘God’s report to us’. The Bible may not exhaust every topic but it is sufficient for every topic.

Let’s break this down;

Moses received the ten commandments dictated by God in Exodus 20:1-17. However, as he continues to lead the people, he is engaged with issues that are not clearly stated in the ten commandments like civil rights, social matters, inheritance, etc. These matters you will face when you lead people. There Moses enacts

1. Civil and social laws
2. Ceremonial and Ritual Laws
3. Health and Sanitation Regulations
4. Judicial and Administrative decrees.

These laws which were about 613 were not dictated by God but they are considered inspired because Moses was full of the Holy Ghost and was guided as he enacted them. The Jews wouldn’t dare say that ‘I won’t follow what Moses said but on YHVH’. They believe in the doctrine of inspiration. Same is the case of Paul. The Lord taught on a lot of matters, however, when it was time for ministry, there were things that were not pressing when the Lord was around and the apostles were faced with these. Paul gave his guidance to the churches by God’s hand unless you want to deny he wasn’t full of the Spirit. His teachings on Marriage and divorce, he only emphasized what the Lord says and then met with circumstances that he needed to provide solution by the help of the Spirit like Moses did. Every ink of Paul’s pen was from inspiration.

What was Paul’s source?

It is true that he was not part of the 12. He had his own encounter in Acts 9. In verse 10-19, Paul is baptized and spends time with Ananias and there was commissioned to the Gentiles.

Paul spent enough time with the Apostles and he learnt. Apart from saying that heaven taught him, he also said he was taught by the Apostles

In 1 Corinthians 3:15, Paul mentions that he received the Gospel and he also passes on. And then he goes on to reiterate the creed of the apostles. Again, Paul took a matter to the Jerusalem concerning circumcision, the verdict from Apostle James, the brother of Jesus was that ‘let’s not burden the Gentiles’. You wouldn’t say that it is not the Lord speaking so the words of James are in error.

Apostle Suleman, Paul’s theology does not teach ‘Word of Faith’ or ‘Prosperity Gospel’. It does not teach ‘name it and claim it’ or the purported teachings of your late friend. Such teachings are Paul’s letters misconstrued and sir, like Peter tells us many twist the words of Paul, you find yourself guilty.

It is a plea that you kindly reconsider your position. I love the work that you do

Eric Mawuko Kallai

Source: ghministers.net

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