Pastor Eastwood Anaba built ultramodern facility to honor his Parents

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The leader and Founder for Eastwood Anaba Ministries and Fountain Gate Chapel International, Pastor Eastwood Anaba has built an ultramodern Structure in his home town to commemorate his late parents.

Gibeath Ha-Elohim which means the hill of God in the Hebrew language is the name of the blessed property established on the piece of land which was formerly the farmland of the late father of Reverend Eastwood Anaba.

The first phase of Gibeath Ha-Elohim was dedicated on the 27th March , 2024 at the Naab Naam Tent in Damolg Tindong, in the Upper East region of Ghana was commissioned by Pastor Dr. Mensah Otabil.

It is a multi purpose facility built to provide an auditorium for the people of Damolg-Tindongo and beyond to meet for purposes of education, Christian worship and development.

Reverend Eastwood and his wife Rev Mrs. Rosemond N.W. Anaba built this property mainly in honour of their parents who gave birth to them and raised them to be instruments of positive change in society. Reverend Eastwood and Reverend Mrs. Rosemond N.W. Anaba see this project as a way of giving back to the village that gave them life and the opportunity to serve humankind.

Gibeath Ha-Elohim will provide avenues for enlightenment by providing information and education to the people in the form of secular knowledge and the Word of God. Empowerment by providing the atmosphere for prayer, baptism, meditation, impartation of the power of the Holy Ghost and physical, emotional and spiritual support. Entertainment by providing godly entertainment to the youth and the communities as a whole. Equipping the youth through training with the necessary skills and technological knowledge to engage in meaningful and profitable activities that have economic value to alleviate the sufferings of humankind. Entrenchment by establishing spiritual values and attitudes and demonstrating the spirit of excellence in communities to dictate the pace of development and transformation.


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