Prophet Adom Kyei Duah built ultramodern 30,000 capacity Church in Accra

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Believers Worship Center also known as Second chance on 7th July 2024 opened its largest Worship Centre at Katapor within the Ga West Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra.

The newly built auditorium with 30,000-capacity was opened on the first Sunday of July which also serves as a white Sunday of the Church was designed and built purposely for Church related activities in addition to the existing auditorium with about 6,000 capacity to accommodate the overflow congregation during national and regional events.

In an interview with the Church Engineer, Kwadwo Amoah Boateng said each component of the facility has been built to meet the industry standard with ability to operate at optimum level under any pressure be it the population or the sound system that will be used during highly attended events.

Speaking on the vision of the Church, Amoah Boateng said that the true worship of God “which is in truth and in spirit with a mind absolutely free of association of life occurrences to witches and supernatural beings and losing focus of our maker is eliminated from peoples’ minds.”

He mentions that the Church has come to empower Believers to take full control of their lives through direct worship and communication with the Lord Jesus Christ.

“This is to eliminate the current system whereby worshippers depend solely on men of God as cult figures for solving all their problems forgetting they are just like themselves. As a result, many have been impoverished through extortion as they seek for deliverance, he added.

“Believers are thus encouraged at BWC to seek the face of God at all times, in moments of sorrow and of joy for our God is the KING OF KINGS who art Jesus Christ”.

In the statement of faith, the church believes in the Holy Trinity, thus God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit which comprise our soul, body and spirit. They also believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, and in his bodily resurrection as well as “We believe in divine healing of Jesus Christ through miracles. We also believe that faith without works is dead as stated in James 2:14. We believe in salvation through Jesus Christ only”.

On the issue of dress code, Believers Worship Centre, founded on the love of God, valued outward appearance or modes of dressing as such, women are to cover their hair as demanded of them in the Bible. They must also not wear trousers, short dresses or any dress which exposes parts of their bodies which are not in any way to be seen by any other person except their husbands.

|Men are not to put on anything belonging to women. They must present themselves in a way which is far beyond worldly pleasures. All these, they believe have come to focus their attention on the fact that, “we must portray Christ in our bodies, actions and inactions and glorify Him in our bodies”.

The Church is the final manifestation of Gods’ establishment of his works through his servant Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah who is the General Overseer.

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